At the Elevating Impact Summit, guests experience social innovation, collide with a community of changemakers, and discover how business tools are used to address social and environmental issues in brilliant new ways.

This year is different. 

In 2021, students in Portland State University’s Certificate in Social Innovation and Social Entrepreneurship are meeting in small groups with leading changemakers to learn together how to shape the future. These are the Elevating Impact Sessions. They reveal areas of incredible innovation, explore individual choices and challenges, and identify a suite of tools to navigate a life and career with social impact. 


Sessions Topics

Participatory Defence in the Criminal Justice System 

Intrapreneurship for Humanitarian Aid 

Interfaith Cooperation 

And more


The Elevating Impact Sessions are produced by The School of Business at Portland State University. Please contact us if you are interested in becoming a student, supporting social innovation students, or otherwise being involved. 





Myriam Khoury

VP of Innovation, Mercy Corps
Myriam Khoury is a seasoned humanitarian, supporting global social impact initiatives by utilizing technology, testing, and development of new program models. +

In small group sessions, students talk with leading changemakers about choices, challenges, and tools to navigate a life and career of social impact.  


Spots are limited to students in the Certificate in Social Innovation and Social Entrepreneurship and open by invitation only.


Eboo Patel

Founder, Interfaith Youth Core
Eboo Patel is unleashing the power of interfaith cooperation in the 21st Century through his work with governments, schools, and organizations across the country.  


Raj Jayadev

Founder, National Participatory Defense Network

An organizer and entrepreneur, Raj Jayadev crafted a national model for individuals facing incarceration, their families, and their communities to participate in their defense. +


Experiences 2020


Intrapreneur Experience

Intrapreneurs are drivers of change inside existing organizations, making business a force for good. Cultivate your team of intrapreneurs at the Elevating Impact Summit and special follow-up workshop introducing The Intrapreneur's Toolkit. 


The Intangible Framework 

The Intangible Framework is a simple system for structuring the activities necessary for creativity (the raw material of ideas) and innovation (the implementation of ideas). You will experience this framework as you move through the day at the Elevating Impact Summit.



Pitch Fest

This year finalists who have deeply explored a social or environmental problem, will present their findings with a systems map to show a bigger picture.

Applications are closed. 


In the overlapping space between two ecosystems, an abundance of nutrients and new life emerges. Inspired by this natural science phenomenon, the Elevating Impact Summit looks to the peripheries of our practices for ingenuity and resilience. 

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