Experience social innovation, collide with a community of changemakers, and discover how business tools are used to address social and environmental issues in brilliant new ways. 

The Portland Armory

Friday, February 7, 2020 | 8:30 AM – 4:30 PM


Jill Vialet

Founder, Playworks, Workswell & Substantial

Lifelong social entrepreneur, Jill harnesses the power of play; redesigns roles for critical members of society, like substitute teachers, and creates pathways for more changemakers across the country. +

Maggie De Pree

Facilitator for Corporate Changemakers 

Addressing issues as wide ranging as climate change to healthcare, Maggie harnesses the potential of entrepreneurial leaders to create change from inside large institutions. +

The Summit features entrepreneurs, innovators, and creative changemakers who tread beyond convention for positive social, environmental, and economic impact.  

Reyna Lopez

Executive Director, PCUN

Driven by social justice, and pushing for progressive policy, Reyna has built a coalition of organizations fighting for low-wage workers and Latinx families. +

Alexa Clay

Director, The Royal Society of Arts 

Economic historian turned ethnographer, Alexa is an expert on innovation from unlikely places, who is carving space for misfit subcultures within the formal economy. +

Shana Radford 

Tribal Partnerships Specialist, U.S. Census Bureau

At the intersection of government and tribal relations, organizational behavior, and public health, Shana Radford is bringing critical insights to the 2020 Census and beyond. +

Sr. Early Childhood Ed. Advisor, The Children’s Institute

Promoting education as the most powerful tool out there, Soobin practices principles of Anti-Bias education and culture wealth models of education to improve children’s lives. +

Soobin Oh

Esperanza Tervalon-Garrett

Founder, Dancing Hearts Consulting

Esperanza wields civic engagement, electoral strategy, and initiatives like the Oregon Hard to Count Census Campaign to win long-term change for the people most impacted by systemic oppression.

Jack Miller

Professor of Political Science at PSU

As a teacher and a podcaster, Jack examines different ways to look at the world in order to cultivate a relationship to politics, one that is less frustrating and more satisfying. 




Intrapreneur Experience

Intrapreneurs are drivers of change inside existing organizations, making business a force for good. Cultivate your team of intrapreneurs at the Elevating Impact Summit and special follow-up workshop introducing The Intrapreneur's Toolkit. 


The Intangible Framework 

The Intangible Framework is a simple system for structuring the activities necessary for creativity (the raw material of ideas) and innovation (the implementation of ideas). You will experience this framework as you move through the day at the Elevating Impact Summit.



Pitch Fest

This year finalists who have deeply explored a social or environmental problem, will present their findings with a systems map to show a bigger picture.

Applications are closed. 

In the overlapping space between two ecosystems, an abundance of nutrients and new life emerges. Inspired by this natural science phenomenon, the Elevating Impact Summit looks to the peripheries of our practices for ingenuity and resilience. 




Check In 

Welcome and Opening Remarks


Featured Speaker: Reyna Lopez


Pitch Fest! A System-Mapping Competition


Morning Break 


Meet the Artists 


Featured Speaker: Alexa Clay


Framework: The Intrapreneur's Guide


Lunch, Discussions, and Exhibits


Performance: Casey Holzman 


Social Innovation and The Census 


Stories of Impact Invention 


Afternoon Break


Elevating Impact Emerging Media 


Featured Speaker: Jill Vialet


Insights & Closing


Reception & Pitch Fest Announcements

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Elevating Impact Podcast

Pilot Episode 

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